Kingston Trade Fair

Team Innox has reached yet another milestone! Through our struggles with branding and product development, we had still managed to produce our display for the second trade fair. This time around, the pressure was especially on as we were pitching and engaging with judges and the most honest of them all: the citizens of Kingston. […]

We’ve got Bright Ideas

Last Wednesday the Bright Ideas Competition was held in the Kingston Business school. Our product made it to the grand finale and received 250 pound runner up award! Though I felt a bit discouraged due to some of the unresolved target customer and design components of our product, making it into this competition is very […]

The question remains

After our small victory of winning “Best Product” at the trade fair, the potential our product has seemed amplified but we also needed to dissect some areas of our product that could improve. As I mentioned in the past, identifying our target customer is still an ongoing issue in need of solving. We’ve had some […]

Message and Appearance

We’ve reached one of our most anticipated milestones, the trade fair! In the days leading up to the event, our team faced many rough patches and obstacles. Communicating how we’d prepare for this event was our biggest challenge and so far has been the largest lesson learned in terms of team collaboration and time management. […]