Watching Business

The friends I’ve made so far here at Kingston tell me “your class is always in central London looking at art!” In Our group chat for planning hang outs I’ve had to tell them several times I wouldn’t be able to make it because well…”I’m in central London looking at art!” Its not entirely true. […]

To be successful.

Like many, when it comes to financing and navigating the numbers of money, I immediately think of math and how much I hate it. Much to my relief though, in reading Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs, a book written to help you understand the successful way to operate a business, the information was useful and not […]

“Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”

Although it was welcome week, I definitely hit the ground running with my course, classmates and collaborators anticipating the Hackathon. Forming a group to develop compelling ideas for the Surrey County Council involved challenging my reserved personality but also introduced me to the unique perspectives of people. During the first couple of weeks before courses […]