Then and Now

The first term of my postgraduate degree in London has concluded. While I’m embracing the slow days of the holiday break, social media reminds me of posts from a cruise vacation I took to Mexico “on this day last year.” It was then that I had told my friend of my unconditional offer to Kingston […]

Brand You

We’ve just about wrapped up the module (with lectures at least) on the topic of Branding. These last few weeks including marketing and advertising have always been areas of the creative sectors that I found the most intriguing. It reminds me of why I selected this course because I knew I would get to experience […]

Ad Appeal

On our learning path this week we got to dive into the world of Advertising. We started the class off by viewing “Ads that Changed the World“. The video includes commentators in the advertising industry describing various adverts. It analyzes how advertising influences the psyche of consumers and influences the market globally. Most of the […]

Team Revisions

Last week was quite the wake up call for us in the Design Thinking module, but we definitely kicked things into gear a little over a week out for the Dragons Den. Just this past week, our idea completely evolved from scratch and we mapped out an entirely brand new product idea within the last […]

Marketing: An Introduction

In my previous work experience I had the job title of “Marketing Coordinator” and through that I was able to market and promote our office and educate students about our services through ads, events and presentations. During our session on marketing in Managing a Creative Business, our guest lecturer mentioned how marketing often gets lumped […]